• Southern Drawl Field to Fabric Cotton Full Sheets - Grace & Grits

Southern Drawl Field to Fabric Cotton Full Sheets

Elegance and sophistication are pulled together with Southern Drawl Cotton’s 100% combed cotton sheets. A natural, down-home way to unwind or work up for a perfect night. Georgia grown, premium cotton, sewn and packaged in the USA. From Split King to Twin XL, we have your size. All of our Natural Sheets are DYE FREE and have NEVER been bleached! Set includes Pillowcases.

Field to Fabric

Our "From Field To Fabric 100% USA" label is not only a guarantee, but a promise that 100 percent of the product and labor to create these products is all American.  This label truly means from the fields that the cotton was grown in here in the United States of America and every step in between was all U.S.A. made.

Many other labels are misleading.  The vast majority of cotton products sold in the U.S.A. have been processed over seas.You can rest assured that you are supporting your fellow country men and women when you purchase items with our "From Field To Fabric 100% USA" label.
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