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Good Things Serving Trivet

"Good Things Have a Way of Coming Together" isn't just an inspirational message. It's also a reminder of the possibility of things when good people work together to achieve great things. it's a sentiment that's also echoed in the versatility of this 3-in-1 stoneware trivet. The motivational trivet doubles as a Serving tray and nestles inside the ByDesign's 2-in-1 cutting board. When not in use, hang the trivet on the wall as a reminder of the power of collaboration and hope. With or without the cutting board, the "Good Things Have a Way of Coming Together" trivet is a wonderful, yet simple, way of reminding someone special that good things are just around the corner, a gentle reminder we can all use from time to time. Handwash only.

Pair this beautiful trivet with our large cutting board!