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Birch Woodland Christmas Ornaments

The Winter’s Garden collection emanates the heart of the woodlands to the inner circle of your home. From Christmas florals to forests filled with singing birds, you will find yourself tempted with rustic wall art, heartfelt figures, stunning tableware, and of course, tree ornaments that charm. The Glitter Birch Woodland Drop Ornaments are an adorable set of owls and the acorns that make up their tree. What is a better combination than the wisest of the forest and the most precious part of it: the youngest shell that makes up its future? They represent a time to reflect on our environment and all the changes we see. Place them on the tree together as a darling pair that will shine both light and a sense of nature on us all. Materials: glass Measures: 1.5"w x 6"h
  • $12.00